The Power of Spices

The Power of Spices


Why is Indian/culinary food so spicy, at the same time so intense and tasty? Why do people say, having spice food can burn calories? Well it is all about spices! I myself am literally obsessed with these spices, wether I cook in Indian, Bangladeshi or Italian! They gave your dish the extra extra of everything! So mezmerizing! I chose coriander and cumin as a discussion today.  


The origin of Cumin is Egypt and has been cultivated in India, the Middle East, China and became the must have ingredients in the vegan/vegetarian cuisine all over the world. I myself used and will use the spice in my recipes for example in pasta, chicken or meat! ​ Usage: Cumin is one component of  the actual “curry” (other components are: coriander, turmeric and chilli! Cumin is also an important ingredient of medication and is also used in the Beauty industry (perfumes, etc.)

Positive effects:

​1. Blood Sugar 

Cumin reduces your blood sugar level. Especially diabetic patients can profit!
2. Digestive System
Cumin contains about 6 percent of etheric oils such us cumin aldehyde! What is the actual effect? Well it decreases the production of your digestive secretes and support the actual system. So your food gets digested very well!  
3. Intestines (Constipation) The intestines have their own immune system and have a very important task in our body. They make sure you get all your efficient electrolytes from the meals or drinks you eat. How? Well they like moving and moving around. So what Cumin does – it stimulates the peristalsis/action of the bowels and also has positive effects on flatulence! Alternative practitioner recommend cumin, if you suffer from haemorrhoid! Just ask your chemist. A suggestion from them, is to dissolve a bit of cumin powder with water or honey and have it in the morning before breakfast.
4. Detoxing your body A big fact is, that your kidneys are responsible for the detoxing process of your body, so in my view: if you spend money on detoxing tea – your body does detoxing on its own! The condition: Maintaining a healthy eating habit. Now if you want to decide to change your diet, the necessary impulse can be given by cumin. It increases the production of “glutathione” and its enzymic effects, which has an important antioxidant task in our body. Glutathione consists of 3 amino acids ( amino acids are very important for the structure of all our proteins) : glutamine, cysteine, glycine, so in this sense the balance of your macros-input is very important.
5. Cancer risk The science magazine (2003) “Science and Nutrition”: the propositi, who were using cumin, developed far less cervical cancer  and gastric cancer than the propositi without the intake of cumin.  
6. Mind Set Well if you need a calm head or want to grow your patience – take cumin!   You can get Cumin powder and Coriander Powder in any Indian shop or even in grocery stores, of course it is always better to use fresh one (just take cumin seeds and blend them)  depending on your location. Cumin has even more positive effects on other things of our body, but I just focused on the main ones. Negative effects are not known till now. But if you get any, just be aware of the fact, that every body reacts to drugs, medication or others individually. Sources: Zentrum der Gesundheit, Medical Literature    



Coriander is native to southern Europe, North Africa to southwestern Asia. Main production countries: Marocco, Romania, Egypt, India and China. ​ Usage: see above! Coriander are herbs. Also used in Greek. I also use coriander for chicken, pasta and meat. ​

Positive effects:

​1. Infections

According to the university of Portugal, coriander has the ability to kill bacterial strains like Esherichia coli, which is responsible for infections with food. So it has great antibacterial functions. It also can prevent mouth ulcera, small pox or conjunctivitis.  
2. Digestive Function
In case you suffer from diarrhoe, coriander can help to cure it, because of its bonding capacity and as mentioned it 1. the antibacterial effects ​
3. Blood Sugar
see above (cumin).
One thing is important to know: what does lower the blood sugar actually mean? Our organ: Pancreas produces several hormones such us insulin or glucagon. So when we have our meal, depending on our macros-input, our body decreases very quickly (for example when we eat white bread) or slower (for example when we have oats) our blood sugar by releasing insulin. So if we want to eat more healthy food, we prevent a rush drop down of our blood sugar and we do not get hungry easily. Which means we should eat food with low “glycemic indices”. What happens if we are hungry? Pancreas releases glucagon and decreases our blood sugar level. Diabetes is another topic, I will discuss with you about it another time. But if you have questions, just write in the comments below or contact me! ​
4. Skin Benefits
Due to the antibacterial effects, mentioned above. Coriander can help minimizing eczema, ichy skins or rushes.   You can also blend coriander seeds like cumin or buy coriander powder (or the seeds) in any good supermarket or Asian stores. ​ Sources: Zentrum der Gesundheit, Medical Literature