Boost your diet with Chocolate

Boost your diet with Chocolate


Chocolate? You are kidding! No I am not! Yes you can! What I do when I crave for chocolate, I have 1/2/3 pieces of “Lindt Excellence Cocoa 90%”.

Well Lindt says: ​ “A full bodied dark chocolate, deep ebony in hue, masterfully crafted to be smooth and rich, with a profound cocoa flavour and surprisingly balanced taste. The aroma is earthy – evocative of dried leaves and liquorice – with notes of vanilla, espresso and toasted nuts coming through in its flavour.” Before having that type of chocolate I was telling myself, it does not taste good anyway! Who eats bitter chocolate?!

Well I when I started my diet, I tried my first piece. And it was so intense, the taste was so new, I never had such a feeling towards food before. As you might know, I have a sweet tooth…You can give me a bowl of crisps and I can resist. Well this was and is my alternative! Your taste sensors are very sensitive, and when you try something new, your brain starts to compare the new taste with the other ones. As it cannot find any compatible one, your brain starts saving the sensation as a newcomer. So what you need to do at the end is: Eat more, as in may be once a week or may be daily, when it fits in your calorie schedule. You will get used to it. If I can, you can either! Now to the calories and nutrition facts:

Each piece has (the piece is big!), well 10 g:

  • 59     Kcal
  • 1,4 g Carbs (including 0,7 g sugar and 0,5 g fibers)
  • 1    g Protein
  • 5,5 g Fat (including 3 g saturated fat)


Let’s compare with a genuine milk chocolate piece, well 4,2 g: I took “Milka” as an example:

  • 22      Kcal
  • 2,4 g  Carbs (including 2,4 g sugar and ZERO fibers)
  • 0,3 g  protein
  • 1,5 g Fett

⇒ Can you already see a difference? 


Now the advantages of that sort of bitter chocolate:

  1. Your craving already stops after having one piece!
  2. Your blood sugar does not increase to the max and stays on a lower healthy level! So your body stays more in control.
  3. Even then you produce the happy making hormone “Endorphine” and you feel satisfied all over the day!
  4. The best thing is: It really does not affect your diet!
  5. The effect on your cardiac system is not fully proven scientifically. It might have an affect.

BUT be aware of that: Leave it to 2/3 pieces maximum. Because even a big bar of chocolate can make you gain weight, so stay in control. I did not even feel the need to have more than 2 pieces to be honest!   I hope you liked my review and you enjoyed reading! If yes, feel free to subscribe and you won´t miss any update! Wishing you a great day!