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Welcome to Eatsmartlivehealthy! My name is Leena and I am the founder of this website. This is a blog about food, a place where you can find tasty recipes for a healthy lifestyle. If you want to try something new, you will also find inspiration for the Indian cuisine.

So you will see quite a sprectrum of so many different dishes.

I love baking and am a hobby chef. It is hard to integrate cooking into your daily lifestyle, especially when you have a job, go to college or to the university. So maybe I can inspire you with some ideas!

I mostly spend my time in Germany, but do partly live in the UK as well. At the moment I am studying medicine and I know how hard it is to stick to your diet, while you are under pressure. So I know how you feel.

I love traveling and you might see a traditional food each of the country I travel to!

Great to have you here!

With love, Leena